TKSMIAMI is a lifestyle brand focusing on all things water including Kiteboarding, Stand Up Paddleboarding, Surfing and Foilboarding. 

Kitesurfing was first introduced to Miami's waters around 1999 and 2000. TKS MIAMI was established in the summer of 2004 by two close friends, Morgan Blittner and Juan Pavan, who share a mutual passion for the ocean and the lifestyle it offers. Morgan and Juan were introduced to the sport during the summer of 2001 and immediately booked a lesson with one of the only two instructors in the area who were brave enough to teach. Kitesurfing has come a long way since those times and that's exactly what TKSMIAMI  is all about. TKSMIAMI feels responsible to protect and push the sport to even higher levels by giving it's customers the best possible service, product mix and advice.

TKSMIAMI is located in Sunset Harbour Miami Beach on 18th Street. Just a few minutes to the only Kiteboard concession on Miami Beach.  TKS owns and operates TKSMIAMI WATERSPORTS located on 76th street on Miami Beach.  We have a designated area for local riders, as well as instructional area with a fully staffed IKO certified team.

TKS works with the leading brands in the industry specifically,Duotone,F-one, ION,Manera, Starboard,Naish,Fanatic and more.

Being a fully equipped Kitesurfing store we not only offer equipment but we offer the best prices,but also provide the best service in the industry, including kite repair and kite lessons. Our lessons are given by IKO  certified instructors and are offered in a variety of different locations. For those customers who enjoy the very best, we offer excursions in remote areas in the Miami area with un-crowded water and miles of shallow sandbars ideal for teaching. Most of our lessons are taught by our team at TKSMIAMI WATERSPORTS on 76th street Miami Beach.

We would like to welcome you to TKSMIAMI.COM and hope you find everything you need. If you have questions or live in the Miami area, always feel free to come by the shop or contact us by phone. We are here to offer the best possible experience to you.

Ordering Made Easy

All orders are shipped within 24-48hrs. Any customer that has and order unable to be shipped within this time frame, will be notified by e-mail.

For any questions or concerns for products you may or may not have seen on our website, or for additional assistance please feel free to call us directly at 1.305.397.8282

We are open from MONDAY-SUNDAY 10-8PM  Your may contact us via email also at or stop by our store located at

1784 West Ave. Bay 6/7, Miami Beach, FL 33139