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Duotone Jaime 2019 Kiteboard

Completely redesigned!

The Jaime 2019 is a board that does not need an introduction. The most popular twintip from Duotone, the Jaime, does not only look great this year. It has a completely new shape! This model has made the biggest transformation for 2019. A step in the right direction for Duotone thanks to an amazing Double Diffuser bottom. The Jaime has many fans around the world and offers the perfect combination between freestyle and high performance freeride. Duotone has performed a new bottom shape this year. This double diffuser bottom provides a nice grip to ride upwind and makes the board super dynamic. The board land very easily and comfortably because the water surface is broken. Really a lovely board for hooked and unhooked tricks thanks to the unique shape and flex.

The Duotone Jaime 2019 has wide tips for a huge amount of pop. Do you want to make massive airs and boost high, then the new Duotone Jaime 2019 is really something for you!


Freestyle kiteboard

Double Diffuser Bottom

Carbon Beam

Premium construction

Medium Flex


Grab Rails