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Duotone Gonzales 2019 Kiteboard

A freeride kiteboard with style Duotone would like to help you learn kite surfing. That is why the brand has brought the Gonzales to life! Thanks to the intelligent design of this kiteboard, you will makes super fast progress. The soft flex offers an incredibly smooth ride in all conditions, while the round outline of the Duotone Gonzales makes it easy to carve.

The Duotone Gonzales has large fins for riding upwind with ease. The new Gonzales is ready to offer you years of kiteboarding fun. Perfect for beginners, but also advanced kiters will experience a lot of fun with this board. This year the Gonzales has an awesome wooden finish. This is the most beautiful Gonzales we have ever seen, wow!


Beginners kiteboard

Freeride shape

Very comfortable

Biax Glass fiber construction

Soft flex

Mono concave bottom

Mega cool looks

Suitable for all conditions