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Duotone Click Bar 2019

Click, trick and super slick!

The third generation Click Bar, but now by Duotone Kiteboarding! This bar is suitable for every kite and is the most versatile bar on the market. The Click Bar owes its name to the hands-on click depower system that is located on the side of the bar. Unlike other bars, you can trim the kite by turning on the side of the bar. This allows you to depower your kite on-the-go wherever and whenever you want. Even while making sharp turns!

The Duotone Clickbar 2019 has, like its predecessors, a strong depower cord with auto-swivel. This keeps your lines always perfect without twisting. The Duotone Click bar can be used on all kites because you can easily move the V-Split from high to low. In addition, you can also easily convert it to a 5-line bar with the "5th line upgrade kit" (not included).

The 2019 Duotone Clickbar comes in two different sizes. New for this year is the Small version, which completely replaces the wakestyle bar. This smaller bar is perfect for the smaller kites, but also great for freestyle because the kite will be more stable. The 2019 Duotone bars are delivered without a chickenloop. You can now choose whether you want the Wakestyle (XL), freeride (small) freestyle (medium) or wave (rope) chickenloop. So you can put together your own bar. We recommend the freeride loop for the all-round kitesurfer who will not unhook. If you do croak out anyway, you can opt for the freestyle kit or the even larger wakestyle kit. For the wave surfers who have a trapeze with a string at the front, the wave chickenloop is perfect.